Rosa Maria Jewellery

Rosa Maria, born in Beirut during Lebanon's golden era, was a spirited 'wild hippy', enchanted by the antique jewelry her parents collected during their travels.

Her meticulously crafted pieces blend precious stones with fine metals, creating a rare aesthetic: perfectly imperfect. Each jewel embodies both modernity and antiquity, always on the cutting edge of avant-garde design. Incorporating a mix of materials like silver, gold, and diamonds of varied hues, Rosa Maria revitalizes the rose cut of diamonds alongside rubies, sapphires, tourmalines, and topaz. Some pieces echo ethnic jewelry's audacity, while others evoke industrial rawness, blending elements unconventionally and uniquely. The organic shapes of her rings offer endless style possibilities—stack them on one finger or across multiple, creating distinct, personalized combinations.

Retour De Voyage eagerly anticipates hosting Rosy and her peers at La Maison Sur La Sorgue for an undoubtedly festive occasion. Their presence assures a burst of positive energy and showcases opulent, luxurious jewelry.